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Leon Bombard

As APG has grown over the years and has had many changes. We continue to strive in a positive direction. This would not be possible for the many of our key employees stepping up to the plate demonstrating loyalty and dedication without allowing anything from getting in the way of the mission. Staying steadfast on the objection of the mission and asking nothing more than the respect he most deffinitly deserves. It is truly rare to be in the presence of someone that puts the company and its employees above all the rest. We are truly humble to be surrounded by such an individual that truly makes American Protection Group the company it is today. But its truly takes true leadership to get us there and we want to express our deepest and sincere appreciation to our newly promoted employee who has demonstrated this leadership and so much more to the honorable position of Vice President of National Operations. Mr. Leon Bombard Vice President of National Operations. Leon has truly shown Leadership, Dedication, Loyalty and most of all Respect and Honor for his employees and this company. We look forward to working with Mr. Bombard in the many years to come. 

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American Protection Group CAL - OES Chico Staging Site Detachment


Mission Statement:


Our mission is to provide site security for the Chico Staging site for the Camp Fire disaster relief efforts under the direction of our Client CAL - OES. To accomplish this mission, we maintain entry control for the site to include maintaining logs of all access to and from the site. We conduct randomized mounted and foot patrols of site perimeter and interior structures as well as provide take part in daily briefings with the site manager to maintain a close working relationship and be able to quickly adapt to the needs of the client and any changes to the mission. Our goal is to continue to provide the client with the highest level of integrity, security and professionalism that American Protection Group offers to all its’ clients.



Gate control / Crowd control / Foot patrol / Vehicle Patrol / Emergency medical reaction / Maintain enforcement of Rules / Log keeping / Etc.




LT. Angel Melgar and SGT. Dewoni Brown took on this difficult contract with minimal support and man power available to them. Through their dedication, hard work, and ability to overcome and adapt, they were able to meet the client’s expectations while simultaneously building up the security forces on site through new hires and training. Exceeding the client’s expectations and maintaining the highest level of Security Officer Standards both LT. Angel Melgar and SGT. Dewoni Brown have shown the client a strong commitment and loyalty that American Protection Group represents.


Special Recognition:


Sgt. Dewoni Brown has been a highly valued member of our team. Being here from his first day, he has worked countless hours and was critical in the development of new hires and training.


Capt. Lucas Merritt moved from new hire to his current position very quickly due to his training and involvement at CAL - OES. He has proven to be the right man for the job, taking charge in the absence of the more seasoned officers and has been vital in the fine tuning of site SOP’s, scheduling, and personnel management. In his short time with the company he proven to be a very capable, reliable and a valued Leader of the team.


Capt. Rico Aldrete has been instrumental in the implementation of American Protection Group’s role in this venture, working with CAL-OES leaders addressing the needs of the site and making it a model of the professional standard of American Protection Group.



OES Chico Staging Site Detachment

Sgt. Dewoni Brown