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Hurricane Irma Aftermath

"We knew it was going to be bad but wow, we are just lost for words."

Earlier this week APG- Los Angeles Headquarters sent out relief items for anyone effected by Hurricane Irma. Upon thier arrival they were shocked by the power Hurricane Irma truly had.

Florida- Hurricane Irma Aftermath

APG- Los Angeles

Hurricane Irma relief

APG- Los Angeles headquarters sending out relief to Florida today. 09/09/2017

APG- Los Angeles headquarters is sending out relief to Florida today. They should arrive by Monday hopefully when hurricane Irma has passed. We continue to send our prayers out to all of those who are being affected by this storm.

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Hurricane Irma 2017

Our Prayers are with all of those who will be affected by Hurricane Irma.

Happy Labor Day


Have a fun & safe holiday everyone from your APG family.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey 2017

Our hearts go out to all of those who were affected by the hurricane.